Thursday, 29 August 2013

food and stress

Hai everyone..haha..pelik x title for my post today?

Today would be a bit short entry. The thing that I learned today.jangan masak dalam stress because ape pun actually ade makan2 kat ofis...semua kene bawak makanan..xtaw ape yg I stresskan but It's really terrible stressful. .and hasilnya..Memang xjadi.all xjadi.caremal pudding that I always made pun xjadi.trifle pun xjadi..ohmyguccc...acane mentua mintak masak nnti.sngt2 terok..

So lesson for today:: memasak with full of love not stress will contribute a really good things!
WWierdo trifle.agar2 cair..ohmen!! Feeling bad; (

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


SALAm and hi to all reader (ada ke yg ternanti -nanti my update? ?Seriusly I'm feeling sorang2.haha....lama kan...I think berbulan2.hurrm....tonight.feel like I want to share something.something that really hurting me now!

Pejam celik pejam celik dah nak masuk bln 9 kn.gonna end august really soon.

Hye! Sedih.keciwa hati ni.I can't stay alone.why are you so far? I'm suffering because of these. Again..after he left me to Belgium now he did it again.for almost 2month die tinggalkn aku.pergi mencari rezeki.kadang2 daku terfikir..adakah ini takdir utk ku? Adakah ini yg tertulis sejak azali sejak jasadku ditiupkan roh? YaAllah..rasa x terduga dgn dugaan ni.jarang2  contact. Dengar suara pun susah.mqti kutu aku fkirkn...mungkin..ada hikmah disebaliknya..aku redha yarabb...

Mode; jiwa kacau

Sunday, 3 March 2013

hye banker..

haha..hi dude?
how's your day?
this's would be my short entry. and I just want to share something about credit card..Haha....Its already approved??? way.....

Recently, ssale person from MAybank came to my branch. promote credit card to me and friend..juju saja2 la apply.and trust me even im banker too but i never apply from my bank . tah...less trust for my own bank...hahaha...syuhhh.,....diam2...naya ....bila dorg story morry to me..i feel like i need it to....for kind of emergency thing right...hey..hey......dah approve la pulak,...and just now i buka maybank2u already appear in sytem...omg..omg......pleaseee...juju....dont want your money...even i'm a banker but i'm not a good person in managing my own me..i'm so bad in that thing...

credit card oh credit card..jangan berhantu...hahahhaa..babaiiii 

Friday, 1 February 2013

wahai TEMAn

Salam semua..

Lamanya tak conteng - conteng dalam my poyo's blog ni..kiki~
sO ape khabar semuanya?Hope baik- baik saja same like me..sihat and makin SIHAT..ayokkk....

So, tonight terasa ingin mencoretkan luahan hati sikit..hurm...ku tak perfect but ku cuba utk yg terbaik...

kadang- kadang tak semua problem kita perlu cerita kat semua kan.And admit its my mistake also.Rasa they are true friend but ... eh...x kan sebab tu consider as NOT A TRUE FRIEND? bukan..bukan....they still my friend...but....ahh..pening....macam ni..

tak semua kisah kita , kita perlu kongsi pada kawan kita kan..tapi sy rasa sy yg bersalah sebab sy rasa die boleh dipercayai.tapi cerita n problem i jadi ejekan and senda bila bercakap.u ols tgok I gelak bila korang kenakan but actually sy terasa.seriusly..its all about my fmily problem last terlampau sendih and myb its caused me shared that wit her.tapi bile duduk ramai2 timbul pulak kes ni.ckp ju kene nyanyi lagu ni *if not b mistaken apekah nama .. latif tajuk DIA*..they all mocking me..ckp lagu ni sesuai utk sy,,I myb nmpak laugh but actully i sensitivity.kenapa perlu gelak2 n cerita pd org lain.because I chosed u to b my listener. and that day when I stupidly stress..and decide to meet u tapi sesat n xjumpa the end i park tepi jln and col u..story everytg..bende macam tu pun jadi satu joke ke bila duduk ramai2..lawak ye..tahlah...kdg2 org xperasan bende tu sensitiv but she must know.its about my life.personal life.or else baik aku announce jer semua semua org tau,..xperlula nak cerita pada selected person jer kan.xpyh la nak ulang ckp so bila nak kene kawen.dah sah2 jwb aku x kan kwen dgn budak xpyh nak besarkan kes.or else baik korg doakan aku bhagia selalu..moral value: kadang2 kita kene la sensitiv sikit..kene tau bende tu bole gurau ke x boleh  not tellin that im perfect but as all did, we tried to be perfect.....

one more thing in different sight...."ala...ju lagi expect dalam ni "..sorry friend...please..dont make a joke of that thing.I knew sy bukannye baik.and myb I penah terkantoi dgn korg but please ....bila kita jaga AIB org lain insyaAllah Allah swt akan jaga AIB mengaku,,,but we had changed.not totally good but we did please pray to us rather than pointing to us..please...I love all my friend.I m not perfect too and I m really so for hurting u guys.Please forgive me for all my bad ....

sekian with lOVE ~juju

p/s: Im happy living in my Small room alone..hihii~

Friday, 21 December 2012

short entry...

hi salam to reader...its will be my short entry for today.but I just want to confront that to day I need to go back kelantan for my brother's weeding.even though I feel so bad, feel like dont want to be there but I have to and Its the must.I need to  if I want everytg become OK later. HUrm...hope...hope...and pray,,,I hope this would be my last time to seek for forgiveness.I hate it.Because I knew.I always did.I always ask for it.But.....people keep on blame ON me...pointing on me...but they doesnt know the real thing.dont act like u re god because how close you with HIM , but still HE"S the ONe that know everythg.For me, no need to see and know either people is good enough or not but please mind our own manner...

think of it....

Thursday, 20 December 2012

my life is so damn terrible...

hi salam to my long i din update my blog right.I dont know where's the right way to start but i feel so bad right now.Yes..i do..I do..I miss them so much.I miss my mom..but are they feel the same way.same like me? GOd's knew.

lately..when i was alone.i always cry.Im not so cruel to trow away my family.I do love much.but after that problem bomb out to me, I have nothing.I have no one.i ve removed all my family' members, relatives out of my fb's list. because of what? I dont want to create more andmore problem. When i uploaded my pic with izzat, ive been banned.when I upload my pic with my brother's(LIM) in singapore, I also been scolded.Why?am I just served to be dead in my room only?is it not right for me to have just a lil bit happiness rather than crying in my room.I went out from my sis's house because of this also.I love them..I  love my nephew.But I really cant faced it anymore.I trust my sis..I tell everytg about my life.I shared everytg.And why Im not been protected ? Why she seem like " duri dlm DGG"..not try to help else protect me? Im not throw away my family because of HIM but why dont gimme a chance to choose my own life.Not only keep on nag me..hate me like this.I have my own right to choose my life.Its not fair for me sisters before this can choose their own life..own guys that they loves most.but why i cant? Frankly spoke, I m not good in agama also but dont test me like this..

others onlyknow to blame me.all i did always wrong.My fault also..i cant control myself too..but please..dont test me like this.I miss my family..i miss abah.I tried to call..lots of time,almost everydays.but I never get respond.indeed....Please.let me live in peace.I dont know what should I do now.......

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

MasyaAllah.beratnya dugaan ini..

hi and salam to all my reader.

Lamanya x mencontengkan cerita diriku di blog ku ini..Lots of thing had happened in my life.Darls.really..Im stuck in this problem.

lets me start with trilogy of my probleM..

**********************bila ade mood i will write my prob here...but for this timing pray for me.I knew all the problems will have their own solution but until now i still have no way to solve this.I just pass this thing to u ya Rabb.U created the task for me and only you can solve this. I will always pray ..pray ..and pray to seek of your help..